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Sculpt Your Life was born of a desire to tell the world all about the life-changing health benefits supported by Juice Plus+.

Mary and Seamus Penrose founded Sculpt Your Life after transforming their lifestyles with the help Juice Plus+. Mary fell in love with the product when it played a central in role in helping her overcome challenging health issues in her life.

The product played such a crucial part in transforming her lifestyle for the better that she decided to help others discover how it could help them too.

After giving birth to her second child, Mary quickly changed her outlook on life and ditched her 9 to 5 career as a school teacher in favour of mumtrepreneurship. Her Juice Plus+ franchise business was a leap of faith which flourished and soon allowed her to live life on her own terms and ensure she would always be able to put her family first.

Mary can be adequately described as a mum who loved a product, saw an opportunity to create a better life for her family and grabbed it with both hands. She was soon joined by her husband Seamus who also fell in love with the transformative health benefits he enjoyed after using Juice Plus+ for a few months.

Together Mary and Seamus forged Sculpt Your Life on the ethos of enabling others to adopt healthier lifestyles with the help of Juice Plus+.

Seamus Penrose

Seamus Penrose

Executive Marketing Director

I have always loved to train and exercise but as I got older it used to leave me feeling very tired, I often would be exhausted for work the next morning. Four years ago I decided something had to change. This was the first time I came across Juice Plus+. I started researching it and found it was exactly what I was looking for, it nearly sounded too good to be true! But the more I read about it the more I knew I need to be involved.

Mary Penrose

Mary Penrose

Executive Marketing Director

In 2013, I was nearing the end of my maternity leave, dreading the reality of leaving our children to return to work. Mary identified a business opportunity in something she believed in through Juice Plus+ and as a result, the Sculpt Your Life concept was born. Since then, myself and Seamus have built up a successful business and brand that has changed our lifes in so many ways.



In 2013 I was finishing up maternity leave and not relishing the reality of having to leave my kids and return to work as a secondary school teacher. I loved my job and the independence it gave me, but more than anything I wanted to have the flexibility to look after my kids, something that unfortunately my job did not allow. I didn’t want to miss out on key moments of their lives, however, I resigned myself to the fact that this was necessary.

Seamus' background was in manufacturing. But he quickly realised that this was not his passion but just a job he did to pay the bills. He always loved the idea of being an entrepreneur, and working his own hours and still getting paid at the end of the month even if he haven't worked. In 2012 Seamus decided to go back to college to study an Honours Degree in Computer Programming.

I believe everything happens for a reason; if I were yet to have my beautiful daughter, then I wouldn’t have happened across an amazing business opportunity that really has changed myself and my family’s life in many ways.

Mayself and Seamus have built a very successful home based business together. In the last three years we have achieved senior positions within the company, allowing us to live life on our terms. We have met many wonderful people along the way and have a fantastic team, who helped us win ‘Entrepreneur of the Year 2014’.

I’m not extraordinary, nor do I have any special training and I am definitely not a sales person. I am simply a mum who loved a product, saw an opportunity to create a better life for her family and grabbed it with both hands.

If you are thinking it’s impossible to do this, I'm here to tell you that you're wrong! I’m proof that YOU CAN!

You can do this too, all you have to do is want it.

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