7 Ways To Naturally Boost Your Child’s Immune System

7 ways to naturally boost your childs immune system
10 Dau Smoothie Challenge

Children’s immune systems can take a hit if they’re not being supported by healthy foods. As a results runny noses and constant colds can be pretty common with children in school. Having a strong immune system is not just about great genes. It’s about eating the right foods that can help strengthen your child’s immune system and prevent colds and flu. In children the immune system isn’t fully developed until they are 14 years old, which is why younger children are more susceptible to illnesses and infections.

Child eating vegetables

1. Eat healthy food

Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals and fibre. Children should be encouraged to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables – there is a rainbow of colours to choose from – which provides a rich source of antioxidants, instead of sugary snacks and fast food, which are high in fat and sugar. There is strong evidence to show that the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables can prevent chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases. Unless there is a major change in eating habits, more than a quarter of the next generation are piling up horrific health problems. I often blend vegetables into the food we have. A great tip is to add pureed broccoli and kale to stews or soups or add diced carrots and tomatoes to veggie burgers and bakes. Bell peppers, oranges, strawberries and other berries, carrots, squash, leafy greens, and apples will provide lots of vitamin A and C (which can help boost the immune system). For adults, aim for half your plate to be filled with fruits and vegetables, and for kids, aim for at least one third of their meals and snacks to consist of fruits and vegetables. 

Children Sleeping

2. Getting enough good sleep

Most children are not getting the required amount of sleep. Depending on age,  children need between ten and 14 hours of sleep per day. A lack of sleep can affect your childs immune system. Studies show that people who don’t get quality sleep or enough sleep are more likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus, such as a common cold virus. Lack of sleep can also affect how fast your child recovers if they do get sick. Quality of sleep is hugely important when it comes to building a child’s immune system. A top tip is to start small, by turning off devices such as a TV, tablet, games console or smartphone an hour before bed and set a consistent time for your child to go to sleep. Reading bedtime stories can help get a routine in place and is a great way to help them relax before they go to sleep. 

Child wash hands

3. Regular hand washing

Children frequently touch their eyes, nose, and mouth without even realizing it. Germs can get into the body through the eyes, nose and mouth and make them and us sick. Touch transmits up to 80% of infections. By teaching your children to wash their hands after sneezing, coughing and going to the bathroom. Washing hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds can remove bacteria and viruses and can reduce the chance of lung infections by up to 45%. Antibiotics often are prescribed unnecessarily for these health issues. Reducing the number of these infections by washing hands frequently helps prevent the overuse of antibiotics—the single most important factor leading to antibiotic resistance around the world. Handwashing can also prevent people from getting sick with germs that are already resistant to antibiotics and that can be difficult to treat.


4. Toothbrushing Routine

Make sure that your child has their own toothbrush and it isn’t shared with siblings. If a child does get sick, then throw out their toothbrush straight away and replace it with a new one.  Store children’s toothbrushes away from the toilet so that bacteria don’t spread in the air, to the toothbrush. A toothbrush holder inside a cabinet is an ideal place to store a child’s toothbrush. Brushing teeth at any age helps prevent the build up of dangerous bacteria that can cause a variety of health problems inside and outside of your mouth. This is especially important for babies who are still developing a healthy immune system and have extra sensitivity as their teeth are coming in.

Children Exercising

5. Daily Exercise

Exercise increases the amount of natural killer cells (NKC) in both children and adults. Children are becoming increasingly sedentary, which is detrimental to their immune system.  A lack of exercise in children can result in health problems and obesity. Studies have shown that moderate intensity exercise has a beneficial effect on a child’s immune system. To get your children into a lifelong fitness habit, be a good role model. “Exercise with them rather than just urge them to go outside and play.” Why not try some family sports like skiing, hiking, cycling or tennis?

Childrens Prebiotics and Probiotics

6. Prebiotics and Probiotics

A child’s gut is home to an enormous population of bacteria. Homeostasis in this vast terrain is critical for the uptake of essential nutrients. Prebiotics are non-digestible nutrients that promote the growth of beneficial gut microbes. Think of them as food for good bacteria that promotes the growth of these good guys, thereby increasing their population in your child’s intestine.

Probiotics are bacteria or yeast that improve gut health. When your child consumes foods that contain probiotics, she increases her gut’s ratio of good bacteria to bad.

You can help restore your child’s bacteria balance by giving them foods that contain friendly bacteria such as yoghurts, or milk with added probiotics and by serving up food with prebiotic ingredients. Unlike probiotic bacteria, prebiotics are not destroyed when cooked, so are easy to include in everyday meals.


Juice Plus Childrens Health Study

7. Juice Plus Healthy starts for families

It can be very frustrating when your child won’t touch their fruit & vegetables, but are happy to eat sugary food! Juice Plus+ Chewables deliver added whole food based nutrition from up to 30 different fruits, vegetables, berries, and grains in a tasty, soft chewable form. The appealing taste comes from two all-natural sweeteners – tapioca syrup and organic cane syrup – with absolutely no high fructose corn syrup. It contains no artificial flavours or artificial colours and is 100% vegetarian; the ‘chewiness’ comes from fruit pectins, not gelatin. They will just think they are eating sweets!

One key component of the Healthy Starts for Families initiative with more than 1.5 million participating families and nearly 20 years of results, the Family Health Study helps you document the lasting, positive effects of the changes you and your family make.

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Since starting the Family Health Study, families have reported:

Were missing fewer days of school
Were visiting the doctor less
Were taking fewer over-the-counter and/or prescription drugs
Were consuming less fast food and soft drinks
Were drinking more water
Were eating more fruits and vegetables

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Adults must be over the age of 18 and play an active role in a child’s life (as a relative, mentor or godparent) to sign up as a Juice Plus+ customer. Children must be between the ages of 4 and 21.

Juice Plus Shake Ideas and Recipes

Juice Plus Shake Ideas and Recipes

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to make your Juice Plus shakes taste better, check out the following yummy vegan protein shake recipes. If you don’t have time for a sit-down breakfast, then a Juice Plus vegan protein shake, which also contains good fats, fibre and a ton of vitamins and minerals, will keep you fully fuelled until lunch.


What is Juice Plus Shakes

Juice Plus plant-based protein powders are a great supplement for anyone looking to increase their protein intake, including omnivores, vegans, and everyone in-between. Juice Plus plant-based protein powders come from many sources including pea protein, pumpkin seed, rice protein and soy protein. These offer a versatile option for those who have a sensitivity to typical dairy-based protein powders such as whey or those who are simply looking to add more high-quality, easily digestible protein to their diet.


Juice Plus Shake Main Ingredients

Acerola  cherry  powder,  pomegranate  powder,  pumpkin  powder,  amaranth,  millet,  quinoa,  broccoli  sprout,  alfalfa  sprout,  radish  sprout, rice bran, apple powder, spirulina, chickpeas powder, rice protein, pea protein isolate, pea protein.


Juice Plus Shake Main Proteins

Pea Protein: Pea protein powder is made from field peas — which are nearly four times higher in protein than sweet peas — helping pea protein powders pack up to 80% protein content. Handily, pea protein is allergen-free too, meaning it’s suitable for vegans and those with food allergies.

Soy Protein: This vegan protein has been used for decades and comes from defatted soy flour. After processing, it can contain up to 90% protein content and has a neutral.


Pre-workout and Recovery

Juice Plus shakes also make a great Pre-workout and recovery protein shake, they give your muscles all the fuel they need to perform to their maximum potential during and after your workout. After a hard workout your body is crying out for high-quality protein to repair the damaged muscle tissue so they can grow back bigger and stronger.


Weight and fat loss

One of the key ways to losing weight is to reduce your calorie intake while still eating enough essential vitamins and nutrients, and drinking plenty of water. Juice Plus shakes are packed with healthy compounds, but it’s also got protein and fibre to keep you feeling full.


Juice Plus Shake Ideas and Recipes

Here is a list of healthy Juice Plus shake recipes is everything you’ll need to start your day off on the right foot. These shakes are packed with nutrition, high in protein, creamy and delicious. Whether you’re taking your breakfast shake on the go or using your shake before and after going to the gym or looking to lose those few unwanted pounds, this list is sure to have a shake or two that’s just right for you. All the shakes on this list are vegan and gluten free.

Chia and berry smoothie recipe

Chia, and Berry Vegan Shake

Chia seeds give this vegan smoothie its thick texture, while cardamom adds a distinct sweetness. We use a mix of raspberries and strawberries here, but feel free to experiment with your favourite fruits.

  • 220ml almond milk
  • 3 tablespoons chia seeds
  • 1/2 cup frozen raspberries
  • 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1/2 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 scoop of Juice Plus Complete Vanilla Powder
  1. Puree ingredients in a blender until smooth.

Spinach, Avocado, and Cucumber Vegan Shake

Cucumber lends its cooling flavour to this green vegan smoothie, which packs in 2 cups of antioxidant-rich baby spinach

  • 220ml almond milk
  • 2 big handfuls baby spinach
  • 1/2 small cucumber
  • 1/2 avocado
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 scoop of Juice Plus Complete Vanilla Powder
  1. Puree ingredients in a blender until smooth.
Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie Recipe

Strawberry Cheesecake Vegan Shake

If you love smoothies and milkshakes… and you like strawberries, you’ll love this one! This Strawberry Cheesecake recipe is perfect for kids and you!

  • 220ml almond milk
  • 1/2 cup coconut yogurt
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 scoop of Juice Plus Complete Vanilla Powder
  1. Puree ingredients in a blender until smooth.

If you would like more delicious Juice Plus Shake recipes please sign-up for our FREE 10 day smoothie challenge, were you will get access to 12 incredible more recipes.

10 Dau Smoothie Challenge

How to Working Smarter from Home

Working Smarter from Home
10 Dau Smoothie Challenge

Day 1; Why Your Alarm Clock Can Make or Break Your Day

It’s 7am. Your alarm clock has been blaring for 30 minutes. Does this sound familiar?
I am one of the lucky ones in that waking early is one of my favourite things. I feel it can give you an hour or two of extra time for focus, creativity and exercise. While you could do those things later in the day, most people don’t (with exceptions of course).

When it comes right down to it, a lot of people have a really hard time obeying the alarm clock and end up pressing snooze one too many times so instead of you running the day, the day runs you!
The best method for changing the time you wake up is to do it gradually — 10-15 minutes earlier for 2-4 days, until you feel used to it, and then repeat. If you get up at 8 a.m. normally, don’t suddenly change it to 6 a.m. Try 7:45 a.m. first.

Sudden changes of an hour earlier or more in your waking time are difficult, and not likely to last. If you get up 1-2 hours earlier, on Day 1, then you’ll have a tough time, and not enjoy it. The next day, you’ll have a big sleep deficit, and it’ll be even tougher (assuming you’re able to do it 2 days in a row). Day 3 is even harder. Eventually you either make it through the tough times (it’ll take at least a week of suffering), or you crash and sleep in late and have to start over or you give up.

Sleeping patterns are difficult to change, and so this gradual method works much better.

The days where I get up when the blaring first starts are the days my life runs smoothly. I have time to myself in the morning before my kids get up. I can get my exercising in and feel good about my health. I can catch up on emails before the day starts rolling. My plans fall right into place, I don’t start my day feeling frazzled, and I’m not constantly playing “catch up.”

So let’s all try it. Let’s start a revolution of actually following through and getting up when we plan to instead of hitting snooze one more time. Let’s say no to one more day of frantic catch up and instead relax in the fact we are successful.

Want to join me?

Leave a comment below and let’s start our days off on the right foot.

Is Juice Plus a scam?

Is Juice Plus a Scam
10 Dau Smoothie Challenge

Juice Plus is a dietary supplement containing encapsulated whole fruit, vegetable and berry concentrates that has been on the market for over 27 years. It has recently been taking off in Ireland and the UK and there has been some controversy surrounding it. Juice Plus is marketed as a simple way to get your daily needs of fruits and vegetables. I’ve seen lots of people on social media claiming the it is the best and most nutritious products out there. Sometimes when something sounds too good to be true , it makes you wonder “Is Juice Plus a Scam”

Why not take a look and you can decide for yourself

I was inspired to delve a little deeper, after my own results from taking Juice Plus and reading different  testimonials from people saying how it made them feel better. I looked at some of the most common problems that people had written about in different articles I found from searching the web.

Juice Plus funds its own studies

The first one I found was that the “clinical studies” supporting Juice Plus were all funded by…Juice Plus.

That is true, Juice Plus funds most of the research – and they do it proudly. Much of today’s scientific research is corporately funded (but a lot of that research, such as from the pharmaceutical companies, is done in-house – and is not done by some of the worlds’ finest institutions and hospitals around the world).

Juice Plus work with reputable institutions and researchers, and yes, they participate in posing the questions, but they do not and could not buy the answer. So, ultimately, they buy the question, yes, but not the answer. The research is peer-reviewed by academic and scientific experts who beat up the study – analyse it – and see if it belongs in their journals before they will publish it. Juice Plus has over 38 independently published journals.

Juice Plus prey on your guilt

What the articles said:

Juice Plus preys upon your guilt for not consuming enough fruits and vegetables, they claim it can fill the gap for you. However, concentrated high doses of nutrients in pills may not always be bio-available. Which means you are most likely peeing away the nutrients you paid so dearly for.

Notice the words “may not be” and “most likely” in there. Apart from this, Juice Plus has clinical studies proving the bio-availability of their products, that have been published in peer reviewed journals. Ever taken a man made isolated multi-vitamin before and peed out bright orange? Guess what? This never happens with Juice Plus.

Juice Plus incentives you to lie to your friends & family

What the articles said:

On an ethical level, multi-level marketing creates financial incentives to lie to your friends, relatives and peers in order to get them to buy something.

There may be some people in network marketing who lie (although I’ve never met one). There may also be people who lie in retail sales, selling supplements or other products (used cars salesman anyone?) Millions of people buy products on advice from people they don’t know every day, yet they have a hard time trusting the advice and experience of someone they know and love. The fact is, Juice Plus would not have lasted in the market for 27 years if the hundreds of thousands of customers who order and re-order every month did not feel the benefit from the product. Besides, the only way to truly know if the product works is to try it for yourself. My own personal experience of the health benefits from the product have been nothing short of amazing, and I have been helped by many people in the company who stand to gain no financial benefit by helping me.

Juice Plus is just an overpriced Multi-Vitamin

What other articles said:

Juice Plus is just an expensive/overpriced Multi-Vitamin.

The truth: Juice Plus isn’t a multi-vitamin. It is whole fruits and vegetables, which have been carefully washed, dried and tested to make sure there are no heavy metals, pesticides, preservatives or insecticides present. This means dealing with weather conditions and working several months and years ahead with farmers to ensure a quality product (which it is, because each batch is independently tested and has NSF certification). This is much harder than producing man made isolated supplements in a lab, so yes, it is more expensive than a multi-vitamin! There are also claims that Juice Plus capsules only contain Vitamins A, C, E, and Folate, but to have an NSF certification the product must have what they say is on the label actually in the product. It does not only contain those vitamins, but it also contains 26 different fruits, vegetables and grains which are in the form of a concentrated powder.

Juice Plus studies are low quality

What other articles said:

That Juice Plus studies are not up to scratch.

The truth: All Juice Plus clinical studies carry the gold standard certification. This means they must have four key things. They must be prospective, randomised, placebo controlled and double blinded. I’ve also seen people reference their own “studies” to somehow dis-prove Juice Plus studies, which do not have the gold standard and have not been published in quality peer reviewed journals. It seems to me that bloggers know this type of controversy is going to get them a lot of website hits, so they post about things they have no understanding of! Here are the studies. Juice Plus Research

What Wikipedia says about Juice Plus

Now let’s look at Wikipedia.

What it says: That some of the studies have small control groups, and that the nutrients “may not be” present and that the levels of phytonutrients “may not be” bio-available.

The truth: Notice those words “may not be”! Again, I come back to the research. Do you really believe that Universities and scientific journals from all over the world would risk their own reputation by publishing studies that are not up to scratch? Here are all the journals Juice Plus has been published in Juice Plus Research

Wiki also references MLM watch written by Stephen Barrett – just Google this guy to see what he gets up to. He advocates for multi-national pharmaceutical companies, has been thrown out of court, and hates anything alternative like chiropractic medicine. Furthermore, The Sloan Kettering publication is not written by MDs, and you have to sign disclaimer that the information may not be accurate to read this publication. It is also well known that the guy who keeps the Wikipedia page updated has a personal grievance with the company (we will leave it at that!)

What videos on YouTube say about Juice Plus

Now let’s look at YouTube and a few other well known articles.

There are several people touting their own personal opinion about the company on you tube. Many sceptics of Juice Plus have become sceptics due to their own failure as network marketers, or they have an ulterior motive, such as the fact they are selling their own supplement (so many articles I have come across blatantly have multi-vitamins for sale at the end).

Is Juice Plus a Pyramid Scheme

Guess what? Network marketing isn’t easy. We get told NO. Some people can’t handle being told no, so they give up. Does that mean that people can’t make money in this business? Absolutely not. Juice Plus has hundreds of distributors at National Marketing Director level. How did they get there? By hard work, determination, ignoring the “no’s” and never giving up. Besides, if we were all good at the same thing, wouldn’t the world be a boring place?!

So perhaps Google might not be the best of research tools after all. Network marketing doesn’t use conventional advertising methods, so media coverage is skewed against them. It’s possible to find a bad review about just about anything on the internet! Even if you Google “Mother Teresa Fraud” you will find negative articles.  I would also like to point out, that pyramid scams or schemes have been illegal since the 80’s, and just because some other companies may give network marketing a bad name, that does not mean that Juice Plus isn’t an amazing company filled with amazing people who are inspiring healthy living around the world. Who doesn’t want to be healthier and wealthier?

10 Day Smoothie Challenge

10 Day Smoothie Challenge

Join the free 10 day smoothie challenge

We’re challenging you to drink ONE smoothie a day, for 10 days. It can be your breakfast, a snack, dinner, dessert etc— whatever works best for YOU and your awesome lifestyle. Simple habits are the most effective to transforming your health for the long run. Success comes when we embrace a simple & healthy lifestyle that encourages us to live our best life…

Smoothies have become a family favourite in our home, they’re ridiculously easy to make, filled with fruits and vegetabes, and are ready in seconds. What’s not to love, right, especially if you are health conscious but a lazy cook like me ?

We have been drinking them for 7 years and NOW we’re challenging YOU to drink ONE smoothie a day for 10 days. We will provide the shopping list and recipes to help you succeed. All you need to do is say “yes” and stick to it.

Smoothies are an excellent way to help us all get in as many nutrients as possible to keep our bodies strong as there’s never been a better time to boost your immune system than right now.

I’d love for you to join us we kick off on Monday 13th April and dont worry I’m using recipes which contain ingredients that are easy to find at most grocery stores.

We believe that smoothies are the gateway to a healthier life. Just by drinking one a day, you’ll begin to have more energy and crave healthier foods naturally. You’ll look back in a year and be like “Wow! I can’t believe all this goodness came from that smoothie challenge!”

Every day is a perfect day for a smoothie! Grab a blender, your ingredients, and step up to the challenge!

Once you start fueling your body with leafy greens, vegetables, and fruit with a daily smoothie, you’ll start craving them more and more—and the results will begin to unfold.

Why our FREE challenge works

We provide the shopping list, recipes and a support group to help you succeed and to keep you motivated. Smoothies are loaded with nutrients and packed with fiber and healthy fats that keep you full and energised.

12 tasy smoothies

shopping list

Community support

Join our FREE 10-day smoothie challenge and get instant access to recipes (that taste really good), shopping list and support group to help you succeed! Join Now:

10 Dau Smoothie Challenge

Juice Plus+ and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Juice Plus and MD Anderson Cancer Center
10 Dau Smoothie Challenge

Published research at M.D Anderson shows that Juice Plus helps bridge the gap for cancer survivors

Juice Plus MD Anderson

Publishing in the March 2012 issue of the Gynecologic Oncology Journal

Studies have show that higher consumption of fruits and vegetables is associated with an improved prognosis in cancer survivors. However, few people – including cancer survivors – actually meet the current guidelins for fruit and vegetable consumption. Therefore, researcher at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center theorised that Juice Plus might help bridge that gap between the amount of fruits and vegetables that cancer survivors should be eating on a daily bases and what they actually eat.

In This study, ovarian cancer survivors were randomly assigned to one of two diet intervention groups. The first group was told to follow Women’s healthy Eating & Living (WHEL) diet, which includes 10 serving of fruits & vegetables a day. The other group was told to eat 5 servings of fruits/vegetables a day, but also took Juice Plus+ Fruit & Vegetable Blend capsules as well as drink Juice Plus+ Complete Shake. Since it was a dietary intervention, no placebo was possible with this study design.

After six month, results showed that the “5-a-day” diet that also included Juice Plus+ was basically equivalent to the Women’s healthy Eating & Living “10-a-day” diet by various measures assessed. For example, both diets increased blood levels of key antoxidants and phytonutrients; both diets maintained similar levels of key markers of cellular health, and both diets maintained the “healthy-related quality of life status” of the participants. In addition, subjects following the “5-a-day” diet with Juice Plus+ products had better protein status than those following the “10-a-day” diet. Study also shows that soy is a safe protein source for ovarian cancer survivors. Just as we always advocated, researchers concluded that Juice Plus+ is not meant to replace fruit & vegetable consumption, but to complement it. For these women who had difficulty eating 10 servings of fruits & vegetables every day, Juice Plus+ really did help “bridge the gap”.

Juice Plus MD Anderson

Juice Plus Vs Multivitamins

Juice Plus Vs Multivitamins

The purpose of the article is to clear up a misconception that Juice Plus is a multivitamin, and explain the difference between whole food nutrition i.e. Juice Plus and manmade synthetic multivitamins. Our bodies can only absorb small amounts of nutrients at any one time, and not the large amounts that are contained in most manmade synthetic multivitamins we can buy in most shops or pharmacies, if the synthetics are absorbed by the body at all.

How much are you flushing down the toilet

If you were to look at the amounts of vitamin C that is found in foods, take an Orange for example, has between 60-80 mg of vitamin C, is relatively small compared to the amounts of vitamin C found in some multivitamins. Manmade synthetic vitamins are synthesised, isolated, and are not always from natural sources, and are not always bioavailable. Synthetic vitamins are foreign to the human body and your body will expel as much of it as possible. It is questionable how much of the vitamins is even entering your system and how much money you are, literally flushing down the toilet by using synthetic vitamins.

When you eat real food, you’re not consuming a nutrients, but rather a whole range of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients that work synergistically together. This makes sure that you body can absorb as much of everything as it needs as possible. For example, studies show that natural vitamin E is absorbed twice as efficiently as synthetic vitamin E.


Orange Vs Vitamin C

Compare Juice Plus with synthetic vitamins

How does Juice Plus compare to synthetic vitamins, you a really can’t compare them. Juice Plus is a whole food concentrate supplement, not a manmade synthetic supplement. Juice Plus was developed because:

  • We do not eat enough fruits and vegetables.
  • We cannot always get seasonal, fresh produce.
  • The soil and our foods can be very nutrient deficient.
  • We do not eat the dense nutritious fruits and vegetables. If we do, we cook them and destroy a large part of the necessary enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Keep in mind frozen, processed, and canned foods can be deficient, to say nothing of foods that are shipped in from distant places that are losing their nutrient value.
  • We do not eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • We know that Juice Plus+ is bioavailable. Do you know if the supplements you are taking are bioavailable?

Most people believe that eating more fruit and vegetables is good for them, they help to boost their immune system, and give them all the necessary nutrients their bodies need. But when those same fruits and vegetables are turned into concentrated powders and put into a capsule, these same people become suspicious and wonder how we get fruits and vegetables in a capsule. Juice Plus+ is not dehydrated fruits and vegetables. It is the concentrated, fresh juice powders. If you remove all the water from a glass of orange juice, what would be left is the powder, which is the concentrate.


The Power of Synergy

It’s believed the synergistic effects of phytonutrients in fruits and vegetables are responsible for their potent antioxidant activities, and the health promoting effects that we see in diets rich in fruit and vegetables. This explains why no single antioxidant can replace the combination of natural phytonutrients in fruits and vegetables to achieve the health benefits. The whole sum total is greater than it’s parts. If your supplements aren’t giving you whole foods, but instead isolated forms of nutrients, you need to rethink your vitamins.

Juice Plus Research

The research that has been done on Juice Plus is extraordinary to say the least. Juice Plus has almost 40 published medical studies and there is not enough room on this article to go through them all, but here an overview of some of these:

  • One research paper done in June 1996 showed how absorbable Juice Plus+ is. This was published in The Journal of Current Therapeutic Research (vol. 57, June 6, 1996). It demonstrated that taking Juice Plus+ for only 28 days increased beta-carotene 510%, alpha-carotene 119%, and lutein increased by 44%. Lycopene increased by 2, 046% and alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) increased by 58%. These were all blood studies. Blood was drawn before, during, and after the experiment.
  • Another study at the University of Arizona measured the effects Juice Plus+ has on the immune system. The results showed that after taking Juice Plus+, T-cells were increased (they fight cancer and viruses), natural killer cells increased (these attack tumor cells and infections), and cytokines increased (hormone-like substances that stimulate the immune system).
  • A DNA study was done at the medical department at Brigham Young University. The average age of participants was 68 years. This study showed that the antioxidants contained within Juice Plus+ significantly reduced the level of DNA damage in the body. When the DNA gets damaged, cells begin to mutate into cancer cells and the immune system is weakened.

These studies have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Juice Plus+ is not only absorbed through the digestive tract, but affects the interior cells of the body. The double edge research shows that nutrient contents of blood are affected plus the immune system is improved at all ages.

The supplements you choose are entirely up to you. Just make sure there is research to back up the bioavailability. Juice Plus+ has been proven to be bioavailable

Juice Plus Research

JUICE PLUS+ is the most thoroughly researched brand name nutritional product on the market today. Since the 1st clinical research study involving JUICE PLUS+ was published in 1996, 38 clinical studies were conducted on JUICE PLUS+ by researchers at leading hospitals & universities, & were published in many peer-reviewed journals focused on nutrition science, exercise physiology, cardiology & other disciplines. Even more clinical studies on JUICE PLUS+ are underway.

Gold Standard of Scientific Evidence

It’s impressive that Juice Plus+ was subject to 38 published research papers. But what stands out is their quality. In medical research, certain types of studies are considered “Gold Sandard” of scientific evidence, producing results that are untainted by bias. These studies are characterized by the following 5 traits:

  1. Clinical: A clinical study is performed in humans, as opposed to animals, cells or test tubes.
  2. Placebo-controlled: A placebo-controlled study tests effects of active pill or intervention vs. identical “dummy pill”.
  3. Double-blind: When neither the researchers nor the participants know who is receiving the active pill or intervention & who is receiving the placebo, the study is called “double-blind”.
  4. Randomised: In a randomised study, subjects are randomly assigned to 1 of few study groups, which help ensure the resulting groups have similar characteristics.
  5. Peer-reviewed: A professional or scientific journal in which every article was reviewed by other experts in the field, allowing them to evaluate the validity of a study before itis published, is known as “peer-reviewed”.

All of the 38 studies conducted on Juice Plus+ are human clinical studies, and most of them are placebo-controlled, double-blind, and randomised. All have been published in peer-reviewed professional and scientific journals.

Juice Plus Vs Multivitamins

How Can Juice Plus Boost Your Immune System

Juice Plus Boost Immune System
10 Dau Smoothie Challenge

Juice Plus+ Provides Immune System Support

During these difficult and challenging times in the world at this moment, immune system support is increasingly crucial to maintain your health throughout these troubling times. While exercise and sleep are essential to a healthy immune system, it is also important to have a healthy and consistent diet rich in nutrients and phytonutrients from fruits, vegetables and berries.

Juice Plus+ is a whole-food-based product that utilises nutrients from 30 different fruits, vegetables, berries, and grains to help contribute to the normal function of the immune systems. Regular consumption of Juice Plus+ capsules provides the body with a mixture of nutrients that support key immune system functions and strengthen the body. This has been proven through a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, which supports Juice Plus+ as a tried and true addition to your daily regimen and overall immune system support.

Expert Reviews on Juice Plus and the Immune System

Mitra Ray, PhD – Nutrition, Juice Plus+ and Immune Health

Dr. Mitra Ray is a former research biochemist from Marysville, Washington who studied cell biology. In this video, Mitra addresses the connection between good nutrition and a healthy immune system, ensuring our body is able to fight off new diseases, viruses, and bacteria that we haven’t seen before.

Matt Brown, MD – Support a Healthy Immune System with Juice Plus+

Dr. F. Matt Brown, Jr., a practicing physician in Boone, North Carolina specializing in internal medicine, urges the consumption of whole food nutrition to help support a healthy immune system.

Andrew Clarke, MD – Immune System & Juice Plus+

Dr. Andrew Clarke is the owner of The Clarke Clinic for Health and Prevention — a general internal medicine practice with an emphasis on education and nutrition. In this video, Dr. Clarke discusses the benefits proper nutrition provides for boosting the immune system, and how Juice Plus+ plays a part.

The best way to supplement your diet with nutrients to support your immune system during these troubling times is to increase your daily fruit, vegetable and berry intake,  this is the key to overall optimal health and an easiest way to do that is with Juice Plus+ Premium Capsules.

Juice Plus Immune System

Box clever to champion with your home business

Box clever to champion with your home business

I hated every minute of training, but I said: ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life a champion.

Nobody said it would be easy but I must say that life feels much better when you put in the effort required to create a success.The late, great Muhammad Ali certainly didn’t achieve legendary status by staying in a comfort zone either inside or outside the ring. If you want things to work out well in your life neither should you.

I’m not suggesting for a minute that you hit the gym with a goal to becoming a world beater, but don’t stay on the couch because you think it’s too much trouble to get up. Do what you can to help achieve your goals and then try a little of what you think you can’t do. The key to success is to push your perceived boundaries and surprise yourself by making new ones all the time. Before long boundaries will seem more like challenges that you relish smashing head-on.

My business involves running a franchise from home and I must admit that it is one which has been fraught with challenges, especially in the beginning. Thankfully I stuck out the hard times during the business’ infancy by putting in many hours, weeks and months of dedicated graft. The results have been out of this world.

When things were tough I kept telling myself to banish the excuses for not hitting targets, making calls, attending meetings and everything else that comes with running a business.

I suffered but didn’t quit. There are days when I suffer still – that’s business, that’s life, that’s actually all part and parcel of the buzz that keeps us going. Quitting is not, and should never be, an viable option.

History has shown us repeatedly that those who achieve the most are those who can endure the most. And while running a business from home is hard, those who endure can create their own empire from their children’s playroom or kitchen worktop if they really put their minds to it, focus and work hard.

Advice that I found useful when work seemed too much was to break it all down into bite-sized pieces. By becoming task orientated and not being distracted by the mountain you need to climb you can always focus on the next few steps you need to take. Before long you will find that the pieces will fit together to meet your challenge and help you achieve your overall goal.

So instead of reaching for the easiest excuse, place your most difficult challenges in your sights and focus on the piecing together your plan to overcome it.

Believe you can achieve and any notions of quitting can be easily banished.

Buy suffering a little in business and rising above it we may not all enjoy the same levels of success as the great Ali but we can at least become champions of our own lives.

One Simple Change with Juice Plus+

One Simple Change Juice Plus

One Simple Change - Simple Things You Can Do to Improve Your Health and Well-Being

You only get one body, so treat it well. You’ve probably heard that saying a million times. You know the importance of a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes, it can be overwhelming to try to balance nutrition, exercise and mental wellness with all the rest of life’s activities. Instead of attempting to change everything about your diet, sleep and activity levels at once, try taking a more simple approach to a healthy lifestyle. We call it One Simple Change. The idea is to make a number of little and manageable changes in your life that will, together, make a big impact. Incorporating any number of these small changes can make a dramatic improvement to how you look and feel, and the best part is that none of them are overwhelming. So what are you waiting for? Check out some of our ideas for simple changes you can start making right now!

1. Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating Juice Plus

You are what you eat, so make sure you’re eating healthy and wholesome foods.  You’d be surprised by how much better and more energized you feel when you eat healthily. A great way to jumpstart a healthy diet is to stop buying junk. If all you have to eat at home is whole grains, fruits and vegetables, you won’t be tempted to reach for an unhealthy snack!

2. Hydration

Hydration Juice Plus

One of the most basic nutritional needs is water. Our bodies need it to function, and we are constantly losing water- even when we’re not sweating. Making sure you are getting proper hydration is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces of water every day. So if you weigh 55kg, you should be drinking at lease 2 litres of water.  2 litres may seem like an overwhelming number at first but it’s much more attainable than you may think. The easiest way to start drinking more water is to keep a water bottle with you. Fill it up in the morning, and try to finish it by the end of the day. Once it becomes more second nature, challenge yourself to fill it again until you reach your goal!

3. Physical Activity

Physical Activity Juice Plus

Exercise is good for you for more than just weight loss. Working physical activity into your life will give you more energy and improve your mood. If you’re new to the workout scene, try to look for opportunities during your normal schedule to squeeze in some activity. Park as far away from the mall entrance as you can. Take the stairs. Go for a family walk. There are so many easy ways to add activity to your everyday routine- what other ones can you think of?

4. Sleep and Stress

Sleep and Stress Juice Plus

Mental health is just as important as physical. Controlling stress and making an effort to get enough sleep will not only make you feel better, but will make you function better, in-turn making physical health goals that much more attainable. While it can be difficult to keep stress at bay, there are simple things you can do to help manage it. Take up yoga or find a fun hobby that can take your mind off work, for example. Anything that makes you relaxed and/or happy will help manage stress. Getting enough sleep can also help. Make an effort to go to sleep at the same time each night. Your body will get in a routine, and it will help you sleep sounder.

5. Juice Plus+


Perhaps the easiest and simplest change of all is to take Juice Plus+. By taking a few capsules every morning, or adding Juice Plus+ Complete to your diet, you are providing your body the whole-food nutrition it needs to thrive. It couldn’t be any easier to incorporate into your life. If you’re looking to start a new healthy lifestyle, adding Juice Plus+ is the perfect first step. What simple change will you make to look and feel better?

Tell us in the comments!