How to Stay Motivated When Working From Home

Working from home has a long list of benefits. You save time and money because you don’t have to commute, you don’t get mixed up with office politics, you can be more flexible with your hours and you can have your office set up however you like it.

Working on your own can sometimes mean it’s hard to get motivated however because you don’t have anyone watching over you or setting deadlines. If you work remotely or run your own business, below are some great tips for staying motivated when you work from home.



Have separate office space

It may be tempting to work from bed or the sofa, but try to set aside some separate office space where you can work properly. In order to improve productivity, this area should:

• Be free from distractions. If you can see or hear the television or other people who are home during the day, you’re going to get side-tracked. 

• Have proper office equipment. Try to set your home office up just as you would if you were going into a company every day. This means a proper desk, chair, telephone, files, stationery and any other supplies you may need.



Be organised

If you’re easily distracted, you’re going to jump at any opportunity to pop out the house. Whether you’ve run out of milk, you need a stapler, the printer has run out of ink or you’re hungry, prepare for any eventuality so you don’t have any excuses to procrastinate.



Take breaks

While regular distractions will make it difficult to get anything done, it is still important to take breaks throughout the day. When we work from home it can be tempting to go too far the other way and you may end up sitting at your desk for 10 hours without taking a break.

Allow yourself a proper lunch break so you can leave the house for a bit and there’s no harm in taking quick five-minute breaks to make a cup of tea throughout the day either.




Whether you work from home or in an office, clutter is a productivity killer. Whether you have piles of paperwork on your desk, office supplies laying around or the rubbish bin is overflowing, clutter can have a very negative impact on our productivity levels for a number of reasons:


• It limits the brain’s ability to process information and wears down your ability to focus. 

• It overloads your senses which causes you to feel stressed out and anxious. 

• You end up wasting valuable time looking for items which could have been located easily if you weren’t surrounded by so much mess. 

• It can even have a negative impact on your health. Clutter makes it hard to clean your area properly which can aggravate allergies and asthma. 

• Because clutter increases your stress hormone, believe it or not, it can even lead to weight gain.


If you’re finding it hard to get motivated because you’re surrounded by so much clutter, spend some time getting your office the way it should be. Anything that you can’t throw away, think about putting into self storage. This is particularly handy when it comes to things like paperwork which you can’t throw away but only need to access a couple times a year.


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How to Make Social Media an Asset for Your Network Marketing Business

With many different social media platforms to choose from, your head may be spinning and you could be confused about which ones to use and why you would use them. 

Network marketing is very much a business of influence and emotion. If people don’t feel like working with you or they don’t feel like buying from you then they won’t. There are plenty of other people they can find your product and service through and that is why you want to use social as an asset to get in front of more people and help them choose you.


Building Know, Like & Trust

If people feel like they know, like and trust you because they have been following you on social, they are much more likely to buy from you than someone they just met. Social media can be used to share inspiring messages, family photos, dreams, and goals. Share these things with people and you they will be more likely to do business with you. This is one of the ways to make social an asset for your business.


Getting In Front of More Eyeballs

Social media helps you get in front of more people. Having a consistent social presence will help you leverage this virtual real estate to share your message with people. Instead of having to run around all over the place in your car, you can find people through social media and generate sales and new team members online.

It is very simple to be able to build social media into an asset but you have to be consistent. You at least want to post once a day so that you can stay top of mind with your audience.

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Are you are ready to get started with your online business, but you’re tired of listening to all the stale, tried-and-true advice? Check out my Show Me How Tab where we Help People Everyday with our simple business model.



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The Benefits of a Home Based Social Media Business

Social media has evolved from a digital platform for photo sharing and other personal uses to a primary source of marketing and growth for home based businesses.

A home based business might not have the resources and budget of large companies, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot capitalise on the power social media provides. Social media can influence opinions, create buzz, and connect an entire community around your home based business.

A home based social media business is a great idea for many people who would like the perks of staying at home while still earning an income that allows them to live comfortably. With the recent opportunities that have become available through the internet and social media, such businesses are often excellent ways to flexibly earn a living.

There are many advantages to having a home based social media business. Chiefly, of course, such businesses allow one to remain at home in whatever attire is desired at the time! No more suits and ties are needed. Such a business also creates a flexible schedule in which the owner of that business can do his or her work. Many times, the one who is operating a home based social media business is able to work late at night, very early in the morning, or any other combination of unusual time frames that work best for the individual. This is especially helpful for parents and others who wish, or need, to spend certain windows of time with family members. The flexibility made possible by these businesses also creates a lot of choice in terms of other types of scheduling, such as holidays.

Probably one of the biggest draws of a home based social media business is the idea of being able to work as your own boss. These businesses create a private environment, able to be adapted to the liking of the individual rather than adjusted for a corporate setting.

Those who are family oriented may also find that the operation of a home based social media business means there is potential for the family to work together in a unique environment.

A home based social media business does require a certain amount of diligence on the part of the owner. Of course, a person working on these businesses must be very self-motivated in order to be able to achieve the desired potential. Also, it goes without saying that running such businesses means one must be generally aware and possess a basic knowledge of network marketing and the use of web technologies, as well as keep up with the changes that so often come in this day and age of technological advances.

Additionally, to be adequately prepared, one must be willing to be well-informed about the products or services that he or she is able to offer. As well, any business owner will tell you that the business itself does take a lot of time and effort to maintain properly.

With these things in mind, it is easy to see that the benefits of the home based social media business are well worth taking advantage of. Many people have been able to achieve their dreams by working hard to get their business off the ground and keep it running. All in all, for the right person, these businesses can be an excellent source of primary or secondary income.


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How To Be Massively Successful In Your Network Marketing Business

Starting a network marketing business is no easy task. It requires dedication, long hours, and a lot of groundwork. The money will not start flowing in tomorrow. However, you can become a success at with the right skills and the right plans. 


One of the best ways to succeed in network marketing is to emulate what the most successful members of your company are doing. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, study the techniques of the leaders of your company, and then implement those same techniques. Following proven leaders can help you find success more quickly than trying to figure it all out on your own.


Don’t give away all your secrets, yet. Your network marketing materials should entice the reader into wanting to know more and taking the next step to seek out the information you provide on your website. If someone takes the time to visit your site, they’re showing they have the drive to be a part of your business.


No business is going to run like a well-oiled machine when you first start out, but you should take note of your network marketing tactics to ensure that you’re streamlining the process as you go along. The further you push ahead in your business; the easier things will be to keep organised and running efficiently.


Picking your spots in network marketing is incredibly important. You won’t be able to pitch a product to just anyone. Make sure you’re sticking with a niche market and always advertising to those people more likely to join your network. Remember, there’s something in it for them too, so make sure they know it.


To make sure you get the most out of the time you spend network marketing, look at how much income the various activities you do produce. If you spend a lot of time on social media, but aren’t seeing much profit from that, it’s better to focus your energies elsewhere. Try to complete your most profitable activities first thing in the morning.


Take your network marketing online. Many people are not setting up an online marketing system, and this is hurting them badly. An easy way to set your business apart from others is to jump into the online world, where you can (with a little hard work) generate more leads than you know what to do with.


Avoid using network marketing jargon when you’re speaking to a prospective client. There are many phrases that are commonly used within network marketing circles that will not be understood by people who do not work in such a circle. Explain terms if you must use them, but be careful not to talk down to clients.


Running a successful networking marketing business is within your grasp if you are ready to put in the time. What we’ve covered here is just the start of what you can learn. Keep refining your system and working with your base, and never stop trying to learn more about your business.


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Are you are ready to get started with your online business, but you’re tired of listening to all the stale, tried-and-true advice? Check out my Show Me How Tab where we Help People Everyday with our simple business model.



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Normal people living a life less ordinary

I’m sick and tired of hearing people say ‘I could never do what you do’ – simply because it’s not true.

My home-grown business, which started by investing night after night on the couch after the kids were tucked up in bed, has flourished more than I ever could have dreamt in such a short space of time. However, that’s certainly not because I’m in anyway different to the next person. I’m just an ordinary girl who has done an ordinary thing which has had extraordinary results for my family – it’s about time people realised that and got involved.

Anyone can do it. All you need to be successful in network marketing is belief in your product, belief in yourself and determination to work hard.

To be honest, when I started selling Juice Plus+ it wasn’t because I wanted to make money at all. I began my new career because I loved what the product had done for me and my family’s health and I wanted to share it with the world.

It’s always been in my nature to try to help people as best I can when they mention problems during conversation and that’s exactly how I started selling Juice Plus+.

When I discovered just how beneficial the product was for my family’s health I wanted to tell everyone I met. I soon wanted to tell everyone I didn’t meet via social media and later though our website.

Of course, there’s a lot of work involved but now I can work on my own terms for a fantastic return – not only in monetary value but in free time as well. On top of the health benefits of using Juice Plus+ products, my entire family is now experiencing the lifestyle benefits provided by sharing it with others.

We have more time to spend together plus the added bonus of enjoying the financial stability to ensure our free time is spent doing fantastic and memorable things.

I’m still just an ordinary, everyday girl from Letterkenny with no airs or graces – I simply have an extraordinary work-life balance. Anyone can do the same and I’m inviting you all to give it a try.

You may want a career change or simply desire a little extra income while holding down your current job, you can make of the opportunity what you like to best suit your needs.

One thing I can assure you is that no special attributes are required to succeed in reaching those goals – all it takes is a little hard work, plenty of dedication and lots of interaction with others about the benefits of the product.

If you own a computer device and a phone, then you’re good to go. To learn more simply get in touch today and open the door to an extraordinary way of life with the help of our ever-growing team of normal, everyday people.

If I can do it, anyone can do it – of that I am certain. So enough already, stop saying ‘I could never do what you do’ and join in the fun.


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Box clever to champion your home business

“I hated every minute of training, but I said: ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life a champion.”  Muhammad Ali

Nobody said it would be easy but I must say that life feels much better when you put in the effort required to create a success.

The late, great Muhammad Ali certainly didn’t achieve legendary status by staying in a comfort zone either inside or outside the ring. If you want things to work out well in your life neither should you.

I’m not suggesting for a minute that you hit the gym with a goal to becoming a world beater, but don’t stay on the couch because you think it’s too much trouble to get up. Do what you can to help achieve your goals and then try a little of what you think you can’t do. The key to success is to push your perceived boundaries and surprise yourself by making new ones all the time. Before long boundaries will seem more like challenges that you relish smashing head-on.

My business involves running a franchise from home and I must admit that it is one which has been fraught with challenges, especially in the beginning. Thankfully I stuck out the hard times during the business’ infancy by putting in many hours, weeks and months of dedicated graft. The results have been out of this world.

When things were tough I kept telling myself to banish the excuses for not hitting targets, making calls, attending meetings and everything else that comes with running a business.

I suffered but didn’t quit. There are days when I suffer still – that’s business, that’s life, that’s actually all part and parcel of the buzz that keeps us going. Quitting is not, and should never be, an viable option.

History has shown us repeatedly that those who achieve the most are those who can endure the most. And while running a business from home is hard, those who endure can create their own empire from their children’s playroom or kitchen worktop if they really put their minds to it, focus and work hard.

Advice that I found useful when work seemed too much was to break it all down into bite-sized pieces. By becoming task orientated and not being distracted by the mountain you need to climb you can always focus on the next few steps you need to take. Before long you will find that the pieces will fit together to meet your challenge and help you achieve your overall goal.

So instead of reaching for the easiest excuse, place your most difficult challenges in your sights and focus on the piecing together your plan to overcome it.

Believe you can achieve and any notions of quitting can be easily banished.


Buy suffering a little in business and rising above it we may not all enjoy the same levels of success as the great Ali but we can at least become champions of our own lives.

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Why not start a Juice Plus+ franchise – it’s good for you

“Don’t sell Juice Plus+ – it’s all sounds too good to be true,” my husband said three years ago.

“Juice Plus+ sounds like a pyramid scheme,” a friend warned when I revealed my new found love for the product.

I must admit I too was sceptical about the whole thing. In fact if it hadn’t been for the respectable nature of the gentleman who first introduced me to Juice Plus+ then I would probably never have taken the leap of faith that I did.

My husband and I are now delighted that we took the road less travelled though.

Indeed after a few months of both taking the product and encouraging others to do the same I thought: ‘Where have you been all my life, Juice Plus+.’

In hindsight, starting a franchise business, which involves selling a product that transformed my health and would soon transform my life, was a no brainer.

Of course it was a daunting prospect in the beginning. I was completely new to what’s known as network marketing. I tried my best to ignore advice from people who had for whatever reason misinterpreted what the franchise model was all about.

I didn’t give in to the intentions of the scaremongers who branded it a pyramid scheme. For a start I knew that a pyramid scheme involved investing heavily in stock. Then of course was the small matter of pyramid schemes being completely illegal.

It helped enormously that my mentor in Juice Plus+ was a former school principal. He’s a pillar of his community who in his spare time runs his own thriving franchise business.

That’s the whole joy of the Juice Plus+ business model. Franchise owners can run hugely successful businesses on their own time. There is no financial investment required, only your time. Return on investment is measured in commission gained from sales. It is a concept that is an integral part of the Irish dream; the harder you work, the more money you make.  Everyone works for each other which encourages tremendous teamwork in the Juice Plus+ family.

Most importantly though is the product, which is the highest standard whole food supplement you’ll find anywhere.

Becoming a successful mentor is all about finding the right people to work with. It’s about partnerships that click.

The people I work with come from various walks of life. They include stay at home mums, school teachers, high flying professionals and already successful business people.

My greatest partner of all, however, is my husband Seamus –  a man who would never have entertained the idea several years ago. Coming from a traditional business background and working on the assumption that you never get something for nothing, Seamus soon came to believe that rethink was in order.

Both the high quality of the product – which he discovered through using it – and the warm reactions of those who purchased it helped change his mind quite quickly.

Seamus is now one of the key advocates for the business model and reaped the rewards from it in a time when his own business was destroyed by economic crisis and construction crash.

It did take a leap of faith but it is one which has paid off for us and those we mentor.

So when someone tells you “don’t sell Juice Plus+” I agree with them –  I say don’t sell Juice Plus+ until you read our story.


To find out more about how to start a new and rewarding career as a Juice Plus+ franchisee simply get in touch.

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Mumtrepreneur living bounces from school runs to packed conferences

 After the last school run next week, I’m off to address 4,500 people before returning home for the real highlight of the weekend – my son’s 5th birthday party.

Of course I’m really excited to speak to such a huge crowd of delegates. In fact I have to pinch myself every time I think about it. However, I’m also very on conscious of the bigger picture and the very reason I work in the career I’ve chosen. The whole point of me becoming a mumtrepreneur was to be able to spend as much quality family time as possible with my husband and two children.

I never thought it was possible to have the salary of a high powered career person plus all the family time I’d ever need. I was wrong.

Becoming a Mumtrepreneur has given me a work-family balance which allows me to be full time mammy to Jamie and Abbie while also running a successful business with my husband Seamus.

I’ve never been happier. Being a mumtrepreneur allows me to make money to provide for the family during school hours and sleep times and also spend as much time as possible with the kids when they’re not at school.

It was a fantastic franchise opportunity that helped me achieve the high powered career I wanted while not sacrificing family life. For someone who never thought it possible I seem to have managed to marry them both surprisingly well.

And I love to see other people doing the same.

I regularly meet women who think like I did. They believe, like I did, that you have to be either a really focussed career woman who is prepared to sacrifice family life or an equally focussed mum who works in a profession with family friendly hours, part time or not at all.

This week I have been working closely with a lady who gave up a job paying €90k a year. She could not continue working the hours she did due to the family time she had to sacrifice. She wanted to be able to enjoy more time with her two kids so she finally decided that enough was enough. Now the sky is the limit for her because she has focussed her drive on becoming a successful mumtrepreneur.  I have no doubt that she will surpass her current salary in time but most importantly she will be working and living life on her own terms. 

I’m also currently working with mums who selflessly remained home for the early years of their children’s lives but who now want to reclaim their individuality. In my experience mums can very easily lose their sense of value by going about a daily routine that they had never intended to fall into. A home based business and becoming a mumtrepreneur can provide a great escape, both financially and mentally.

Any mum can do it well given the right opportunity, an ability to work hard and a passion for success. Making a living and more from home has improved both the bank balances and work-life balances of so many mumtrepreneurs I’ve met. 

Finding the work-life balance that mumtrepreneurship provides can be the key to happiness.

It worked for me so well that I’m only too happy to help others who want to do the same.

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Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur

Emerging with a fresh outlook from the most testing period of my life unleashed an inner entrepreneur I never knew existed.

Entrepreneurship is a spirit we all have but so many suppress. I too suppressed it. I never had any intention of going into business nor had I any inclination as to what it would involve.

I could barely spell entrepreneurship let alone embody its characteristics. Yet, once unleashed within, it flourished without. I quickly realised the potential to achieve a life lived on my terms by being my own boss. I quickly became aware that I need not live by the rules and constraints of others but could set my own goals, achieve my own targets, live my own life.

My primary goals were: create more family time and improve health, fitness and well-being.  To achieve these I targeted financial security – something I gained after happening upon entrepreneurship somewhat unexpectedly.

Overcoming a very challenging period in my life opened my eyes to entrepreneurship. It need not take such a challenge to spark it in others.  It may only be a matter of taking a step back, analysing your desires and making a firm decision to make them happen. However, for all but the very few that will mean escaping the comfort zone.

It may seem daunting but nobody else can do it for you and later you’ll look back and wonder why you hadn’t made the leap earlier.

When I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug it was quite extraordinary – yet I am far from extraordinary. I was a school teacher. I had no specialist business or marketing training and certainly no sales experience.

I was simply a mum who loved a product because of how it made me feel. It played a crucial role in improving my lifestyle so I decided to help others discover how it could help them too. At first I thought it could make me a little extra cash as well as helping  to improve my health but I soon discovered that it was the game changer I had dreamed of. I have a real belief in what I do and as a direct result I have brought a balance to my life which several years ago I could never have imagined except in the infinitely unlikely event of becoming a lottery millionaire.

It’s far from impossible. In fact your turning point can be today. Clearly plan what you want to achieve then piece together the components needed to make it a reality. Success won’t happen overnight but work at it now and you will find that the dividends will provide the commodities most sought after in life – time and health.

My time was always spent trying to catch up on myself because work was too long, money was too scarce and nights were too sleepless. In the end (or to put it more appropriately, the new beginning) my overworked, under-slept and run-down body screamed: ‘ENOUGH’. My entrepreneurial adventure was triggered at that moment, however accidentally I stumbled into it.

Two years later I had to pinch myself when I won entrepreneur of the year in my industry. My life was transformed: I achieved the financial security needed to allow me time with my family and the work flexibility I required to improve my health, fitness and overall well-being. I’ve never felt so alive and in love with life.

If I can do it, believe me, anyone can. Just make it happen. Create the plan, set the targets and dedicate to changing one day at a time.


To find out how you too can achieve the balanced life you seek, simply get in touch.


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