What You Should Know About Fruits

Fruits are the candies of nature. They are not only fresh and delicious but also healthy and beneficial. They contain many nutrients such as vitamins, fiber and enzymes and they are a good source of energy. Unfortunately, eating fruit has a negative side as well. In this article you will read the main problems with fruits and practical solutions that will let you enjoy them without any adverse effect.

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Juice Plus Childrens Health Penrose Family

A Letterkenny family has been chosen to front an international advertising campaign by global whole food nutrition giant Juice Plus.

Mary and Seamus Penrose, along with their two children Abbie (3) and Jamie (5), are to be the faces of the multinational health supplement company’s latest media campaign which is will be filmed in Switzerland next week.

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11 Words to Watch for When Eating Out

Unhealthy key words on the menu:

1. Fried

Fried is probably the most obvious red-flag when you are trying to eat healthy. Fried means that the food has been covered and cooked in oil, and this cooking process adds a lot of extra, bad fat to the food.

2. Crumbed, battered or breaded

Crumbed, battered or breaded mean that the food has had a coating added to it. Usually, these foods are also fried. For example, battered fish is covered in a batter and then deep fried. Through this process, these foods have extra carbohydrates and fats added to them.

3. Marinated

The degree of unhealthiness of marinated food depends on the type of marinade. There can be perfectly harmless marinades of herbs, spices and vinegars, or there can be marinades full of sugar and oils. I tend to avoid foods that have been marinated because usually restaurants use marinades full of sugar and fats because they taste better.

4. Smothered

Smothered is an instant red-flag for me. Smothered usually means covered in some type of sauce, cheese or other topping. Depending on the food, this can add a lot of unwanted carbohydrates and bad fats to a meal.

Healthy key words on the menu:

5. Grilled

Grilling food usually means that the food has been cooked in minimal oil on a hot surface. Grilling cooks the food without adding any extra fat or carbohydrates to the food.

6. Blackened

Blackened is basically the same as grilled, except before the food is placed on the hot surface it is covered in herbs and spices. Blackened food is delicious and full of flavor, without the added nasties.

7. Baked

Baked foods, especially fish, are delicious. The food is cooked in an oven. Because it is baked in an oven, oil is not necessary and is minimally used. Baked foods have time to develop rich flavors in the oven and often get a crisp and delicious outer layer.

8. Roasted

Roasting is basically the same as baking. Roasting is generally the term used for meats such as beef, turkey and pork that have been cooked for a long period in an oven. Roasting develops rich flavors in the food and the fat cooks and drains out of the meat.

9. Steamed

Steamed is a method of cooking most often used for fish and vegetables. It involves putting the vegetables or fish above a boiling pot of water and using the steam to cook the food. This process cooks the food without any oil or other nasties. Steaming also keeps vegetables tasting fresher than other cooking methods.

10. Seared

Seared foods are foods that have been cooked on a very hot surface for a short period. The food is cooked with minimal or no oil and has a very short cooking time so that it does not absorb as much oil as other cooking methods.

11. Raw

Raw is probably the most obvious term and does not require much explanation. Raw foods are in the natural state and haven’t been cooked.



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What is Juice Plus?



Your Next Step to a Healthier, Happier Lifestyle

Juice Plus+ capsules are made from a variety of 30 types of the most nutritious fruits, vegetables and berries, providing you with the benefits of valuables phytonutients, vitamins and minerals every day. These powerful antioxidants are essential to protect your body from harmful outside influences. Juice Plus+ is made from concentrated fruits, vegetables and berries that are processed straight from the harvest.

What is Juice Plus?

How Is Juice Plus+ Produced?


All the fruit and vegetables used for Juice Plus+ are grown naturally and harvested when fully ripened to maximise your intake of healthy and high-quality nutrients. All of which are retained by using the most gentle drying process possible.

A unique low temperature drying process removes the water and almost all of the sugar and salt, while maintaining the nutritional integrity and live enzyme activity of the fruits, vegetables and berries. This has made Juice Plus+ into one of the world’s leading nutritional products, in which millions of people in 26 countries have put their trust for more than 20 years.

How Juice Plus is Made


Get In Touch

For more information on how Juice Plus+ products are made or to order your capsules today, contact us on +35386 3097098.


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Juice Plus+ is a whole food nutritional supplement that contains phytonutrients (plant nutrients) from 30 fruits, vegetables, berries and grains in the form of very concentrated extract powders that are taken in the form of a capsule. Juice Plus+ is made by a company located in Memphis, TN called The Juice Plus Company.

The Juice Plus Company is a company that has operated with the same CEO (Jay Martin) since its inception in the early 1980s. The company market Juice Plus+ through the direct sales method, so you won’t see any of their ads on the TV anytime soon. What is interesting about this product and company is the amount of university-level research that has been performed using the Juice Plus+ product. There have been more than 20 studies performed using name brand Juice Plus+ that have been published in prestigious medical and scientific journals.

No other nutritional supplement has had this number of name-brand research studies published before. What is even more remarkable is that all of these studies showed positive health benefits. Some people reading this might be thinking that any company can just buy research studies like this, so it is not very impressive. So what makes this body of research different is that these studies were performed using the “Gold Standard” of research. Gold standard research puts measures in place that make it impossible to “buy” or otherwise influence.

To be considered gold standard research, a study must be double-blinded, placebo-controlled, randomised, and cross-over. Let’s clarify what each of these terms mean in a research setting.


  • Placebo Controlled: A placebo is usually a sugar or otherwise inert pill that looks exactly like the pill being studied. A placebo is used to measure the effects a person experiences by “thinking” they are taking the pill, when in fact they are just taking the sugar placebo.
  • Double-Blinded: When a research study is double-blinded, neither the research project’s observers nor the participants know whether they are taking the real thing or just the sugar pill. This serves to ensure that personal bias does not affect both the observer’s observations and conclusions or the study participant’s perception of the pill’s effects.
  • Randomised: Randomisation is important to a study to ensure that the changes seen during the study are not the result of how the study participants were chosen. It ensures there is no bias in how the participants are selected.
  • Cross-Over: A study that has a crossover has the placebo and the Juice Plus+ groups switch groups so that both groups have a chance to take both the placebo and the real thing. Usually there is a washout period in between so that the group taking the real thing has a chance to flush it out of their body before switching to the other group. This is used to ensure that the Juice Plus+


When a study is performed using these measures in place, you can be ensured that the results are honest and believable. Most companies do not structure studies of their own products like this. They want to be sure they get the results they are looking for so their product looks good. The fact that The Juice Plus Company has performed so much research on Juice Plus+ and the results have all been positive tells me that Juice Plus+ is a supplement worth looking into.

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Living a healthy lifestyle is important if you would like to lose weight, feel your best, have energy, and reduce the risk of health problems. There are many factors that can play a role in how you feel. Adding some Juice Plus capsules to your daily routine can give you a boost and some added defences against those variables.

If you don’t eat enough vegetables, you already know your diet isn’t what it should be. There are plenty of nutrients found in those fresh vegetables that you should be eating. If there isn’t a way to encourage you to eat more of them, consider adding this to your diet. It will help you to replace what you aren’t getting due to a lack of those vegetables.



Juice Plus capsules is a superfood due to the many antioxidants it offers. This can help to remove toxins from your body so they don’t build up and make you feel sick and sluggish. Your immune system won’t have to work so hard and it can stay healthy and strong to fight when you really need it to.

As a result, it can cleanse your body from free radicals. You can’t see them, but they are found in the environment all around us. This will also help to clean your blood so you are less likely to suffer from a variety of deficiency disorders. 



You can support your efforts to lose weight and to keep extra weight from staying on your body by improving your metabolism. Juice Plus capsules is a great way for you to do this without any hard work or effort involved. Since it also improves the level of oxygen in your body, you can feel energised and boost your mood at the same time.

Being able to boost your metabolism without harsh stimulants is important. Stimulants can speed up your heart rate, and make it hard for you to sleep at night. Juice Plus is a natural way to get results and bypass those adverse effects.


Regulate your Body

Don’t underestimate what Juice Plus capsules can do to help you with regulating your body systems. It can assist with keeping blood sugar levels where they should be. It can help with keeping hormone levels balanced too. 

When your hormone levels are off, you may feel out of control with your emotions. You may feel like you don’t have any energy and you are tired no matter how much rest you get. Keeping your hormones in balance allows you to feel your very best. This can help women as they go through the phases of menopause too.


Give it a Try

You aren’t going to know how well your body responds to Juice Plus capsules until you give it a try! Make a commitment to add it to your daily intake for a period of 4 months. In that time, you should notice you feel better than before. This is what will encourage you to continue using it. This is a gluten free product with plenty of benefits and no harsh side effects to worry about.


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  • 2 scoops Juice PLUS+ Complete Vanilla
  • ¼ teaspoon sea salt
  • ¾ teaspoon cinnamon
  • ¾ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 tablespoon red beet powder
  • 200g dates
  • 2 Juice PLUS+ Complete Mixed Fruit Bars
  • ¼ cup (60ml) agave syrup
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil


Chop dates.

Mix agave syrup and coconut oil.

Add in salt, cinnamon, vanilla extract and red beet powder until you have a smooth paste.

Then mix in Juice PLUS+ Complete powder, dates and 1 ¾ of Juice PLUS+ Complete Bars until you have a smooth dough.

Add the rest of the Juice PLUS+ Complete Bar and mix gently, making sure that the dough does not stick to your fingers too much.

(You can use gloves if you want to avoid staining your fingers when mixing the dough)

Cover in cling film and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

Sprinkle some coconut flour or any of your preferred alternatives on a surface.

Gently roll out the dough and cut with a heart shape cutter and place on a tray.

Wrap the finished hearts nicely and give as a gift to your loved ones.

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Fun and Healthy snack ideas for children

“I’m hungry”. If you got a cent every time your kid said that to you; you’d be a millionaire by now.

Children’s ability to develop an appetite at any hour of the day is just amazing. Be it the after-school mini meal, or the evening snack after play, they love their daily quota of munching! We’ve all gone through the same phase of growing up.

However, arranging healthy food for kids always might not be that easy. This binging in between meals is actually the biggest reason behind obesity in children. While you may find it hard to turn down their snacking demands, you can always make sure what they’re eating is healthy. After all, the habit of healthy eating in children starts from home.

Whip your kids some tasty home-made snacks, that are as easy as making instant noodles, but a whole lot more nutritious! Make your children’s health your priority with these healthy snacks:



Fruit Flavoured Milk:

Milk and fruits are a good way to substitute chips and soda for that evening snack. Make it great by blending them both together! Use fruits like strawberries, peaches, or mixed berries with low-fat milk to make a delicious glass of Fruit-Shake, filled to the brim with healthiness.



Oatmeal pancakes:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s also the most rushed. Make the most of every second by whipping up a super-fast pancake made with oat flour. Served with eggs, they take less than 5 minutes to make. The carbohydrates and proteins make it good food for the kids.



Green Kebabs:

Feeding green vegetables to kids is like taking on the toughest job on the planet. Fool them into eating spinach and peas by cooking up some healthy ‘green’ kebabs. Put in some potatoes for a balanced meal. They make excellent finger foods for kids and can be served any time of the day.



Yogurt Dessert:

Swap that unhealthy ice-cream sundaes laden with fats and sugar with a cupful of fruit yogurt. Sweeten some Greek yogurt with some honey, mix in berries, and freeze it like popsicles. Dessert suddenly becomes a healthy food for the kids.



Sweet-Potato chips:

When hunger strikes, kids usually reach out for bags of potato chips. Give chips a healthy twist by using sweet potato instead of potato. Don’t fry them, instead, bake them until crispy, and serve them with homemade coriander sauce.


As much as we like to keep our kids happy, we also like to see them healthy. Junk food might be the easiest option when it comes to snacks, but it does more harm than good to your children’s health. So grab that apron, and just take 5 minutes out of your busy schedule to rustle up some healthy snacks. Who said healthy food can’t be fun?


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