Is Juice Plus the Best Opportunity As Far Timing in the Marketplace?

Where is Juice Plus on the bell curve? I don’t know, maybe you do. The point I am making is to consider the bell curve and where the company exists on that bell curve before you join.

Every network marketing opportunity experiences some sort of bell curve from a growth perspective. The shape and duration of this bell curve will vary, of course, depending on the company and its success factors.

A company that is in the upward portion of the bell curve is at its peak growth. A company in this huge growth period generates a lot of momentum in the market. It can be easier for a representative to grow a business during this growth period.

I am not saying that you can’t make money with an network marketing company that is at the top of a bell curve or on it’s way down. You can still make money, especially with a company like Juice Plus that has an excellent product.

Juice Plus has been operating for a long time in the market. It has already acquired a lot of people, and for many this networking marketing business is the main source of income.

But the question that we need to find out here is, whether the business has reached a stagnation point or not? As explained above every network marketing business reaches a position where its growth plateaus and then begins to decline.

If a business can keep on innovating itself and modify their product and service with the change in time, then it is very much possible to survive in the long run. That is exactly what Juice Plus has done. It has identified the areas where they can find new business opportunity and made their products more innovative according to the change in the market trends.

When doing your research on Juice Plus or any opportunity, make sure you consider the growth curve and how that will impact your ability to grow a business and earn a full-time income with that company.

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