Lifestyle results through One Simple Change

Binning the chase for rapidly achieved perfection is a first step to making lasting lifestyle improvements.

There’s an abundance of famous musings on the folly of making radical changes in a quest for perfection. And there’s good grounding for those quotes. We hear the reasons every day at this time of year. In the December blur all kinds of well-meaning plans are put in place, many devised with perfection in mind and not realism.

By January’s end a vast majority of people discover that the implementation of a big bag of New Year’s resolutions was always on a hiding to nothing. It’s the all too familiar February feeling of failure – I’ve been there many times.

A big cause of this is the fact that we are all socially programmed to some extent to expect instant results. From TV advertising suggesting that we can achieve a body beautiful from eating a certain breakfast cereal; to shopping in a certain supermarket in order to enjoy what’s billed as a ‘perfect family Christmas’ – everywhere we turn we’re offered a proverbial goose that lays golden eggs.

It’s all nonsense, of course. There are no such things as fool proof ‘get rich quick’ schemes or ‘washboard abs in just ten minutes’ programmes. The sooner we grasp this, then the sooner we can make real and lasting improvements.

Lifestyle objectives are easily attainable when we realise they are the sum of many little steps.

We should forget the pursuit of perfection, excellence is a much more easily measured objective.

With measurable goals and realistic expectations of ourselves we can achieve excellence but only by taking the journey one step at a time.


One simple change

By making one simple change in our lives, just one month at a time, we can transform.

One simple change is more than enough when you make 12 of them over the course of an entire year. Stick to the plan and by the end of the year you will have transformed your lifestyle. By setting out achievable targets in a ‘One Simple Change’ programme you also build self-confidence and morale as you continually hit them.

My one simple change in January was to hydrate adequately. It was to simply drink at least four litres of water per day. That may seem insignificant but practice makes permanent – over the course of 31 days it has become second nature for me to drink a large glass of water before meals and continue to sip throughout the day. It makes me feel good to have achieved this one simple change and now I’m ready for the next phase. One down eleven to go – come on February, let’s be having you.

Having tried so many times and failed to implement with any permanence my New Year’s resolutions, I now have a new found faith in them by working on such a small scale I hardly even notice the effort. I’m working on the premise that one small step per month will amount to one giant lifestyle leap come next Christmas. It may not amount to lifestyle perfection but perhaps to the permanence of an excellent way of living life.

Sure nobody’s perfect.


For further tips on how to implement your ‘One Simple Change’ programme feel free to get in touch.

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