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Juice Plus+ is no miracle cure – it’s a catalyst for health

Juice Plus+ is not a miracle cure for illness nor does it single-handedly deliver health and wellbeing. Juice Plus+ is however the perfect catalyst for change in our lives. When we choose to use Juice Plus+, we’ve already made a commitment to improve our lifestyles. There seems little point in purchasing the world’s leading whole food product to supplement our fruit and vegetable intake without addressing the other elements of our...

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Motivation for healthy living and the daily juggling act 

Staying motivated for healthy living can be testing when juggling work and family so it can be very helpful to plan well. In my experience, when realistic and achievable training and dieting goals are set then they can be met which in turn helps to sustain motivation. How many times have you seen New Year’s resolutions binned after just a few weeks because people try to change too much, too soon. The motivational buzz of the first week or two can...

change, dieting goals, motivation, New Year ’s resolutions binned, plan

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