7 Day Kick Start Challenge


No calorie counting. No obscure shopping lists. No complicated meal plans. The 7 Day Kick Start Challenge is a simple 2 step lifestyle change that helps you look and feel better FAST.

Step 1: Drink a LIFT energy drink and get the energy you need to conquer your day

Step 2: Enjoy a delicious Complete vegan shake first thing in the morning and one again for lunch or dinner.

And that’s it – challenge complete. In just 7 days you’ll take your health and energy levels to all new heights.




What is the Challenge?

This is NOT just about Feeling Good, its about getting more energy, being more focused and losing those few pounds. We challenge you to drink LIFT natural energy drink and take 2 Complete Vegan protein shakes per day for 7 days and experience what it feels like to operate at your best.

What’s inside

7 sachets of LIFT Energy Drink
14 Serving of Complete Vegan Protein Shakes
FREE access to our Coaches
FREE access to our Private Facebook Group
FREE Community accountability

Lift by Juice Plus+ is the natural energy drink that fuels your body and mind with essential b-vitamins, natural caffeine and elite ingredients. A unique combination of naturally sourced functional ingredients providing you with energy throughout your day

Complete products provide you with important minerals and vitamins. What’s more, they also contain the right amount of carbohydrates, protein, dietary fibre, and fat.

Complete Vegan Protein Shake LIFT Energy Drink


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