I started taking Juice Plus 4 months ago, not having any great expectations and not having anything in particular wrong with me (so I thought) I decided to take it because I knew Mary & Seamus Penrose. 4 months on, the energy I have is amazing, I only thought I had energy before starting it. We hear a lot these day about “Mindfulness”, I can confidently say that my mind is in a much better place now than before. Clearer in thought and action. The physical changes have been interesting as well because one good habit encourages another. When you start taking care of your health one way you start looking for other ways to improve it as well. So my overall health has changed greatly for the better, I exercise harder, recover better, am more effective & productive at work and at home.
I would say to anyone, try it, the worst thing that can happen is that you will feel and look better. Feel and be healthier.

Pascal Curran

The weight loss took me 7 weeks, on shakes and premium capsules. I've maintained the weight loss for 4 weeks and will continue to do so as I don't want to put the weight back on again!!! I lost a stone and half in total, I was a big size 12 and now back in my size 10 jeans! My hair is growing thicker and longer, I haven't had hay fever since starting or my allergies to aerosols and dust. It used to take me 2-3 hours to fall asleep, I now fall asleep within 30 mins!

Jen Louise

After years of trying every diet and eating regimes, I'm feeling slightly annoyed with myself for only just giving JuicePlus a go. This is my 6th full day doing 2 shakes a day and a healthy, clean meal on an evening and I snook on the scales this morning to discover a 6lb weight loss. But more importantly people are telling me I look really well, I feel super and certainly feel much fresher than I did this time last week!!! As someone who suffers with an under active Thyroid it's great to feel so well so early on. And more importantly I'm not hungry or picking. I'm sleeping much better too and finding it easier to wake on a morning.

Nickie Wright

"My wife and I have been using Juice Plus for well over a year now. One of the main reasons we started was our awareness that we did not have enough fruit and veg in our diet, maybe on average 2 a day. Juice Plus has certainly remedied that, equivalent of 26 a day. We also began to see a real health benefit when it came to energy levels, sickness or colds. It’s a rare occasion I get ill and if I get a cold it now lasts for a much shorter period and is much less severe. Juice Plus is something we will continue taking."

Bill Steele

I started taking Juice Plus+ capsules two months ago after my 3rd baby and I can feel the benefits in many ways. I have much more energy, my hair and nails have improved. My children take the chewables and they love them. I was delighted with the service I got and I am delighted with the product.

Sylvia Bovaird

Myself & my husband started Juice Plus 6 weeks ago & it has been the best thing we have ever done. my energy levels have definitely increased & i am feeling alot better about myself. I was constantly tired & most nights I would fall asleep in front if the tv as early as 9pm. I have lost 8lb since I started. We are eating alot better & exercising more too. My 2 kids are taking the fruit & veg soft chewables & they love them.

Una Kelly

Well a week in using my Juice Plus+ Capsules and what a difference to my skin. I've always been bothered with acne even though I'm now 31 but a week in using the capsules and my skin is almost clear. I've spent a fortune on treatments and products and had loads of stuff from the doc's. I would recommend these to anyone who has any kind of problem with their skin you can even get chewable ones for kiddies.

Lindsay Jardine

I suffer from chronic fatigue and Fibromyalgia and I've trIed every vitamin you can think of to try and help the symptoms but nothing has ever worked like Juice Plus+ After a few months people have noticed a big change in me and I have also felt the difference. I can honestly say I couldn't live without it . So anyone who feels tired or run down this is defo the product for you.

Lianne Dunlop

I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid 4 years ago and I was just totally exhausted all the time. In Jan 2015 I came across Mary Penrose on Facebook, she was promoting Juice Plus+ capsules. I was sceptic as there is a lot of products out there that people are being conned into but I took a chance and I'm delighted I did. I've gone from having no energy, sleeping constantly to going to zumba 4 nights a week and even going to do a make up artist course. These capsules have all the goodness of fruit and vegetables that your body needs.

Caroline O'Keeffe

I have only been on Juice Plus+ for a short while and I am definitely feeling the benefits already! I have epilepsy and as a result of my tablets I find that I am always tired. I also need to loose about three stone.

Shauna Campbell

Lost 15lbs in total, finally back to 10 stone, and I have never been more full of life and energy. Forget fad diets, Juice Plus+ is an excellent lifestyle change, make it a new years resolution!

Gortnalon Angus

I started taking the Juice Plus+ complete shakes 5 days ago and I have lost 7 & 1/4 lbs to date. Lots more to go but feeling fantastic.

Linda Ryan

Just thought I'd post an update on what this amazing product has done for me. I started Juice Plus+ March 1st having lost a couple of kilos in February. I've now lost 12kgs, I feel fantastic. I am 52 yrs young and people are telling me I look much younger (maybe they're just being polite) but either way, I know it's working for me.

Louise Birch
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